Pricing Plans

Give your ChatBots superpowers


$0 /month

What's included

  • 20 messages/month
  • 2 chatbot generations
  • 20,000 characters/chatbot
  • Chatbot gets deleted after 5 days of inactivity


$19 /month


What's included

  • 500 messages/month
  • 10 chatbot generations
  • 500,000 characters/chatbot
  • Embed chatbot on any website


Most Popular

$48 /month


What's included

  • 4000 messages/month
  • 25 chatbot generations
  • 5,000,000 characters/chatbot
  • Embed chatbot on any website


$398 /month


What's included

  • 30,000 messages/month
  • 50 chatbot generations
  • 10,000,000 characters/chatbot
  • Embed chatbot on any website
  • Remove 'Powered by ChatShape'
  • Priority Support


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Pricing FAQ

What counts as a chatbot generation?

Anytime you add some web sources and click "Generate Bot from Sources", a link is created to your new chatbot. This counts as one chatbot generation.

What counts as one message?

One message is text you send to the chatbot that receives a response.

Can I upgrade my plan after getting a lower tier?

Yes! You can upgrade your plan for the next month at any time after purchase.

If you would like to upgrade right away instead of at the time of next invoice, just email us at and we will be happy to help.

How do I know how many characters are in my sources total?

If you are creating a chatbot by crawling a website link, from when you click "Crawl Site" it will show you the character count and the crawled links.

If you are using the chrome extension, Once you click the "Add Sources" button to add your preferred number of web sources to the bot, click the refresh icon next to "Web Sources". It will show you the character count before you click "Generate Bot from sources".

Can I update my bots prompt and start message before I embed it on my website?

Yes! You can update both the prompt and start message, and tune it over time to customize your bot as you wish.